High-End Suits for Women


Women’s Suits, The Next Big Thing For Women’s Fashion

Women’s fashion often goes through a lot of changes and trends. There is always something new and big that takes over women’s fashion. The new trends range from the casual and playful to the more dressy styles. One of the most recent trends in women’s fashion explores a different side to women’s fashion that has been addressed but not focused on. This form of women’s fashion suits. While women have often worn suits, they have usually been for work and professional environments. However, suits might be the next trend for women’s fashion because it is catching on with a lot of women.

Women are adopting the suit and everything that goes with it. This includes suit tailoring along with other aspects of finding the right suit. One thing that is noticeable about women and suits is that women are not that dissimilar from men when it comes to looking at suits. Fokke de Jong, SuitSupply’s founder, and CEO has stated that women do not typically browse or show signs of being fickle when it comes to looking at suits. Also, women, like men, tend to prefer destination locations as opposed to high traffic areas for suits. However, given that these locations are not street level, only shoppers that are “in the loop” are going to find them easily.

To go along with this trend of women shopping for suits, certain celebrities are opening new lines of suits for women. Among the celebrities that are opening new lines of suits for women is Vanessa Hudgeons. She has designed a line of suits with the use of Suit Studio. She has found the whole process to be a little intimidating. However, she has found ways to come up with designs that represent her. She has also made it so that people can find the right sizes for them.

While there is the standard jacket and shirt with business suits, there are also plenty of unique styles and designs for the suit. Even when it comes to the suit, women have a little more variety when it comes to the pieces they can use for their outfit. There is the standard suit with the blazer, button-down shirt, and pants. There are also different pieces that could be added which include a skirt and other variations of the shirt that goes into the suit. Tailoring can also help to make sure that the suit fits well.

Now you are ready to dress like a Combatant Gentlemen!