Top 10 Ties for your Tailored Suit


10 Trendy Ties for Your Suit

Dressing in a suit and tie is a chance for a man to show off his style. When you’ve gone to the pains to obtain a tailored suit, you want to find a tie that works well with it. Here are the top ten trendy ties to wear with a tailored suit.

1.) Bar III Carnaby Collection Anchor Slim Tie

A nautical pattern with mini-anchors all over it is a way to stay seaworthy with your suit. The slim style of the tie is also on trend.

2.) H&M Wool and Silk Tie

A woven wool and silk combination tie is a perfect fit for those who want to have a classy tie option. The tie also offers some texture to an outfit.

3.) J. Crew Chambray Tie

For an all American look, you can opt for the cool blue J. Crew Chambray tie. The tie is handmade in NYC.

4.) John W. Nordstrom Woven Silk Tie

This tie is completely woven from 100% fine silk. It has a sleek and classic look with its perfect shape and texture.

5.) Original Penguin Perseus Bow Tie and Pocket Square Combo

Original Penguin Perseus bow tie in a solid color with a patterned pocket square is the perfect combination to make your suit really stand out. Avoid matching your bow tie to your pocket square for something different.

6.) Hugo Boss Slim Linen Patterned Tie

Hugo Boss has a boss worthy slim linen patterned tie. The tie is made of light linen and has a strong lined swirl and floral printed design.

7.) Bonobos Silk Knit

The Bonobos dark blue silk knit tie is perfect for a Windsor knot. The tie is also a plus for being made in the USA. It’s a perfect tie for all sorts of occasions too.

8.) Burberry Textured Cashmere Tie

Burberry textured cashmere tie has a skinny tie look with a woven look and a textured style. The Burberry textured cashmere tie has a handmade feel to it.

9.) Joseph Abboud Charcoal Herringbone Narrow Tie

The classic Joseph Abboud Charcoal Herringbone narrow tie is the perfect blend of wool and silk materials. The tie has an elegant herringbone pattern on its surface, that will never overwhelm the tie or a suit ensemble.

10.) The Banana Republic Seersucker Tie

The Banana Republic Seersucker tie has a thin stripe pattern of white and blue stripes. The narrow tie is a hand pressed option that will work for any guy who wants a fresh upbeat style.

Now you are ready to dress like a Combatant Gentlemen!