The best dress shoes for the fall include boots, shoes with heavy colors, and you could use the shoes to keep your feet warm without feeling like you are giving off a vibe that is too bright. Someone who wants to choose the best dress shoes for the season must look into boots, heavy dress shoes, and darker colors. Take all these tips to heart as you begin a search for the shoes that will make you look and feel your best.


1. The Heavy Dress Shoe

The heavy dress shoe that you have chosen has a much heavier outsole, and it is often made of rubber that will give you more traction when you are walking on snow and ice. You could choose a shoe that feels like your regular shoes with a little extra padding. You also need to be sure that you have chosen the dress shoes with the upper that looks formal.

2. Heavy Boots

Heavy dress boots are nice to wear because you could buy them in the slip-on style or the lace-up style. There are many people who will find that they can get the heavy boots they need in suede or unbuckle, and they might want to get a Chelsea boot that has the expanding section right by the ankle. The heavy boots that people wear could look formal as compared to the dress shoes that you have, and you also have to remember that some of the shoes are made for comfort while others are made to look formal.

3. The Half-Boot

You could purchase a half-boot that provides you with the same kind of traction as a boot. There are several half-boots that people can buy that will look exactly like their regular boots. They could choose these half-boots to add to their closet because they want to have the same shoe in two different styles. There are several boots that are made into both styles, and these styles allow the man to wear different boots on different days.

4. The Colors

The darker colors of the fall can be used to make your fall outfits come together. The colors will speak to the season, and they will provide you with a way to make your suits and ensembles look different. You must be sure that you have chosen to use the shoes to accentuate your style, and you could buy anything from the Toecap brand that will include a nice stone color, a soft burgundy, or a heavy grey. You could choose a coffee color, or you might like chocolate brown.

5. Conclusion

The dress boots that you can wear during the fall season will make you feel like you are dressing for the season. You can bring in some new colors to your style, and you will feel much better about dressing up the way that you have wanted for this season. You can fill up your closet with shoes that will change how people see you.

Now you are ready to dress like a Combatant Gentlemen!