Style Tips For Tailored Suits


A tailored suit is already something that people are going to recognize as soon as you walk in through the doors, but in order to really stand out from the pack you might want to consider doing a few of these tricks that are going to make you the talk of the town in your tailored suit.

Tips To Get The Perfect Tailored Suit Just For You

When you want to buy a tailored suit there are a few things that you want to consider before you buy the suit.

You Want To Make Sure The Suit Is Going To Fit You In Every Way Possible

You not only want a tailored suit to be made to fit, but you also want to know that the suit is going to fit you on the shoulders, for instance right off the bat. You want to make sure that every inch of the suit is tailored to your particular body type so it will look even more like the suit that you want it to.

Do What You Can To Make The Suit As Stylish As Possible

You can do extra little things to make the suit even more stylish like having the cuffs of your shirt hang out just a little from the suit because that will give your suit just that little extra to give you the style that you want from your suit.

Cinching In Your Suit To Fit You Like It Should

When you are having your tailored suit fitted by your tailor make sure they cinch the suit to your body type so that it is extra fitting just like it should be.

Make Sure Not To Style Your Ticket Pocket In Any Way

If you want to keep your suit looking as stylish as you want it to then you want to make sure that you don’t style the ticket pocket in any way because it will take away from the overall appearance of the jacket and the suit as a whole.

Tailoring Your Pants Legs To Just Above Your Shoes Is One Of The Most Stylish Things You Can Do 

One of the first things people might notice about your suit and just how stylish it is will be because you had your pant legs tapered off at the top of your shoes so that they don’t cover the shoes. This one trick alone will show people how stylish your suit really is.

Choosing A 2 Button Style Suit Will Help You To Stand Out

When choosing a 2 button style suit you will stand out just a little from everyone else because you decided to go for the 2 button instead of the 3 button suit. This will help you to keep your suit as stylish as you want it.

Getting A Shorter Jacket Will Help You To Appear Taller

When looking for the perfect tailored suit if you get a shorter jacket, then this will help you to appear taller since there isn’t so much length of the jacket covering your pants.

Always Invest In The Right Suit Etiquette With Your Suit

There are always a few rules that you should follow in order to give you the best look with your suit and one of those tips is to make sure your jacket is buttoned while you’re standing and to unbutton the jacket while you sit down. Doing this will let your suit keep the shape that you want.

Thinking About Your Vest Can Also Help You To Stand Out

Another great thing you can do to help you stand out from the pack is to have your vest styled so that you can really make your suit uniquely yours. Doing this will really help you stand out with your tailored suit.

Accompany Your Suit With The Right Additions

Make sure to only wear the right accessories with your suit so that you don’t overdo it with your look. Always be sure to wear the right watch, cuff links or any other things with your suit to accentuate the suit, but not to overdo it.

Now you are ready to dress like a Combatant Gentlemen!