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Trends in Men’s Fashion is constantlycombatant-gentlemen changing as it should. Incorporating traditional trends with modern trends is the definition of innovation in fashion.  Dapper Trends brings you the most up to date insights for male formal and casual fashion.

Combatant Gentlemen Dress code

Dressing like a combatant gentleman can be just as stylish as dressing like the famous celebrities, it is all about your style and the way you carry yourself.

Tailor-Made Suits

Fully personalized suits are making a comeback in the modern day, not only for the business environment but as an everyday wardrobe. A very common trend for 3 Piece Suits are taking them apart, guys are wearing blazers and waistcoats with jeans and wearing v-necks with tailored trousers.

Custom Tuxedos

Tuxedos scream formal wardrobe tradition! From originating among the New York City elite in the late 1800’s to the Iconic James Bond Films, tuxedos have come a very long way. Tuxedos are complex, they come in a variety of styles and color patterns; making them able to fit a more diverse group of occasions. A tailored tuxedo was once primarily worn for the most formal of events but in recent year tuxedos have evolved to fit numerous occasions.


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