Keeping Warm in Formal Apparel


You don’t have to freeze to death just because an event requires you to wear formal apparel. They are many ways in which you can both look sharp and feel warm at the same time. Here are 6 of the best:

1. Wear a Heavy Overcoat

There are a number of things to look for when purchasing a warm overcoat. You want one that falls over your knees and that is made from either wool or some other heavy fabric. You also want a coat with a soft-shell lining for protection against the wind and a collar that you can flap to protect your neck from the wind. Finally, seek an overcoat that can enclose your entire upper body, either through buttons or some other means.

2. Wear Warm Boots and Socks

If your feet are cold, you almost certainly will be cold as well. So, getting a warm pair of boots is essential. Look for boots that have an insulated lining, which can not only keep the heat from escaping from the shoes, but will also help block the wind. For these same reasons, look for boots that you can fasten over your feet. Also seek boots that have at least quarter-inch soles, as this will keep your feet from contacting the cold ground.

Wearing a warm pair of socks is important, too. Consider buying socks made from merino wool that cover your calves. You should also look for socks with reinforced soles.

3. Wear the Correct Gloves

While you can buy leather gloves specially designed for formal attire, you should avoid these as they are usually way too thin. Instead, look for gloves that are well insulated and cover your wrist. Also, consider buying multiple pairs of gloves. A glove with a cashmere lining is good when the temperature is around 20 F or higher, but if it gets colder than this, you should wear a pair lined with fur or shearling.

4. Cover Your Head and Neck

Your head is much like your feet. If it is cold, the rest of you will be cold as well. So, make sure you wear a warm cap. A good choice is one made from knitted wool. Also consider wearing a wool scarf, too. This will keep the heat from escaping your body and will protect your neck from the wind.

5. Wear Fitted Thermal Underwear

Standard thermal underwear is great for keeping you warm. But it can sometimes be too bulky when used in combination with formal apparel. Instead, wear fitted thermal underwear, which is designed for athletes. This type of thermal underwear will fit nicely underneath a dress shirt.

6. Wear Warm Fabrics

Not all formal attire is the same when it comes to warmth. Look for suits that have some kind of lining and that are made from warm fabrics, such as wool or flannel. You can also buy shirts that are made of a heavier material than normal ones.

Now you are ready to dress like a Combatant Gentlemen!