5 Celebrity Who Wore Amazing Suits

Tom Hiddleston’s Navy Blue Suit


Tom Hiddleston is known for playing Loki in the Marvel franchise, and he has taken over the movie world by starring in many pictures that show off a range of his talents. He started out in the theaters of London, and he is even a spokesman for the Jaguar brand.

His navy blue suit was the perfect color to show off his tall and commanding presence. The simple shirt and opposing tie color make the suit much more intriguing. He strolled down the red carpet looking like a spy from the James Bond franchise, and he matched the perfect shoes to bring a bit more sophistication to the suit. The dotted pattern on the suit is not obvious at first, but it makes the suit look much more interesting when you get much closer. You might have to bring your face closer to the screen, and that is when you see a much more interesting pattern.

Ryan Gosling’s Amazing Pinstripe Suit


Ryan Gosling is the heart-throb that you remember from “The Notebook.” He has broken out into many emotional roles that have spanned the last two decades. He is one of the actors that will make this generation, and he is someone that everyone could take style tips from.

He wore this optical illusion suit in black and white that are pushed together like their own pattern. You must lean in close to see that this coat is actually not a pattern but a series of black and white lines that are almost random. You can see that the white is picked up in his shirt, and the black is picked up in his time. This is a clever suit because it uses all the colors in a way that most people would not have thought of.

Chris Evans Wearing A Trendy Burgundy Suit


Chris Evans is known for being Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he is one of the most beautiful men in all of Hollywood. He has played emotional roles that have nothing to do with Marvel such as his turn as a concerned uncle in “Gifted,” and he is looking at opportunities to direct when he is done acting. His style is tied to his physique which people have fallen in love with him, and this gives him chances to be daring.

The dark green and burgundy Suit of horizontal stripes that he is sporting here gives him a chance to be daring and show off the style that he is most comfortable in. Chris Evans is a little bit quirky, but that makes him all the more interesting. This suit makes him look like the broad-shouldered superhero we all love him for, and the color makes you want to lean in for a closer look.

David Beckham In Gold and Suede


David Beckham is one of the most famous footballers in the history of Manchester United, and he even came to America to win the MLS Cup with LA Galaxy. He is married to a Spice Girl, and that means his style is always on point.

David Beckham is one of the few men who can wear gold and get away with it. He has paired this soft gold suit with an intriguing pattern with the blue shirt that looks like it came from the country club. He finished it off with the suede boots, and they make the whole thing look diverse and fun.

Harry Styles Strutting in Dark Pink and Dragons


Harry Styles went from One Direction to solo stardom, and he has become one of the biggest acts in the world.

Harry Styles has done a lot with pink in his recent outfits, and he paired that soft pink shirt with a dark pink suit and the flaming pattern. The flat front pants make him even more adorable, and the suit helps him look like a modern boy who could not decide how to dress that morning.

Now you can dress like the celebrities and be a Combatant Gentlemen.


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