A Complete Guide for Formal Wear During Holiday Parties

How to dress for a holiday party can be a difficult decision to make. The wear, in this case, should provide a room for experimentation without ruining the definition of a formal look. The following is a guide on how to work with these extreme realities.


How to incorporate accessories for a formal look

For a party setting, accessories bring out your character, preference, and style. The magical aspect about accessories is that they are highly customizable and they are important in getting that stunning formal look. However, like other pieces, accessories can ruin a good look. There are tons of accessories but for a formal look, minimizing the number of accessories is the golden rule.


In addition, to get the formal look with accessories, it is important to go for pieces that are comfortable and ones with neutral colors. The main aim, in this case, is to complement the formal look. A good bangle, a sophisticated but bold wristwatch, a good tie, and a nice belt are some of the items you should try.


How to wear coats and jackets

Coats and jackets are important, especially during winter holiday parties. Apart from making a fashion statement, they are ideal for warmth. How do you balance between being fashionable and formal to not ruining your look? Just like other pieces, coats and jackets can be customizable.

The secret, in this case, is to know your experimental boundaries. For example, since it is a holiday party, trying a coat or a formal jacket, which is bold, is highly recommendable. A bold coat or a jacket balances the look form not being a typical navy and not attracting too much attention.


How to wear trousers

Although trousers are one of the most visible pieces in a formal look, they are unfortunately the most misunderstood pieces. The good news is that there are tons of ways to wear trousers, especially for holiday parties. Many types of trousers blend exceptionally great with most formal looks. The secret in getting these particular pieces correct is to understand party season: whether it’s winter or summer. For winter, a pair of trousers that is warm is not only a comfortable alternative but also a great fashion statement.


Shirts or turtleneck?

A (preferably) black turtleneck provides the great balance (both formal and informal) in a holiday party. It is a chance you to experiment with a comfortable piece but remain formal. The code in wearing a turtleneck is to stick to only dark shades of blues or greens.


On the other hand, shirts remain the safest way to achieve a formal look at a holiday party. Shirts, unlike turtleneck, accommodate more customization in form of ties and the color range is endless. The rule, in this case, is to remain consistent with the party theme (if any) and be comfortable.


For shoes, the experimental room is minimal. The shoes type or color should complement the overall look. The choice of shoes should not spoil the effort put in other pieces. Lastly, the choice of colors in each piece should be consistent with the party theme or alternately be safe by choosing universal colors without necessarily being boring.


Now you are ready to dress like a Combatant Gentlemen!