Everyday Fashion Essentials for a Real Combatant Gentleman


As a man, you should always strive to look smart when leaving the house because you have no idea who you may run into, and you do not get a second chance to create a first impression. Well, people say that appearance is not everything, but it matters a lot, and to make it work, you have to take time and select your wardrobe style and presentation carefully. Below are a few wardrobe essentials that area have for the combatant gentleman who wants to express confidence through his appearance.

A Well-Fitted Suit

A well-tailored and suited suit has the potential to transform your look into a seriously sharp looking gentleman. It is advisable to invest on a number of tailored designer suits because of their quality and durability. On the other hand, if you are shopping on a budget, you can get what is available in the shops and see how it fits when you are in your natural stance. If any adjustments have to be made, a competent tailor should do it. When having the suit adjusted, consider the dress shoes you will wear with them, the shirt and the tie and see how everything comes together. Need A Suit? Combatant Gentlemen has you covered!

The Classic Bow Tie

Everyone wears their regular tie to business meetings, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, especially at events and important meetings and occasions, invest in a number of bow-ties. A good bow-tie is the one marker which distinguishes a combatant gentleman from everyone else.

Wear Cologne That Goes With Your Style

Nothing ties together the classy gentleman look better than a good cologne. Ladies love a gentleman who grooms well, and most importantly, one who smells great. Colognes come in a variety of scents ranging from the woody, balsamic, flora to the fruity scents and many others. Most men feel most comfortable with woody and earthy scents, but you can experiment with variety. Pick a few scents that you can interchange throughout to year.

The Right Shoes For The Right Suit

People make their judgment about your stature and sense of style basing on your shoe choices. When picking shoes, the material, fitting, color and suitability should come into play. Like suits, you should invest in a number of superior quality shoes to complement your outfits. In addition to buying quality shoes, make sure they are polished regularly to maintain their perfect sheen.

Shades Are The Ultimate Suit Complement

Nothing completes a combatant gentleman’s style better than a nice pair of quality shades. Common types that go with almost all outfits are aviators and wayfarer glasses. When buying shades, ensure their frames suit your face shape and that the colors complement your clothes and style.

An Elegant Watch To Add Some Flare

It is true, your smartphone can tell time, but it will never beat the timeless elegance which comes with a quality watch. A watch is an essential accessory for all occasions, it is the one item of fashion which sets apart the refined gentleman from the rest.

You can never go wrong once you decide to invest in your appearance. A knit tie, bottle of scotch, a leather wallet and valid passport will complete your total combatant gentleman look and just draw people to you.