Celebrities Perform for the New Year

New Year’s is right around the corner and soon we will all be regaled by celebrities on television bringing in the new year with a song. The new year celebration is something to sing and celebrate. We made it bring in a new year!

Times Square is one of the places that is the center of attention for bringing in the new year. This has been a 113-year tradition that continues this year to ring in the 2019 new year. The universal symbol continues and has grown bigger each year. There is a full schedule that begins during the evening and ends at the midnight hour. The performances range from cultural performances, dancing, and singing. Hats are passed out and

New Year’s is a worldwide celebration. Everyone dresses up in their best and puts their best foot forward to celebrate making it through another year. Celebrities are no different and will be wearing their best for their star-studded events. Let’s discuss more what celebrities will be wearing as they strut and perform for the new year.

1. Nick Jonas will perform! Jonas is known for the song “Found You”. The singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer will deliver an upbeat performance. Black jeans seem to be the base for his fashions. He has been known to be casual in plaids or in a hoodie. He can also dress up in a tux and seem just as comfortable. The new year celebration should not be any different and we can all take notes.


2. Neil Diamond retired from performing fulltime due to Parkinson’s disease, however, he is back for a new year celebration that will be full of entertainment. The guitar player usually dresses simply on the stage in black pants and a black blazer. For the 2019 new year, we can expect sparkly black as the seasoned performer focuses on his craft of singing and playing the guitar.

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3. Be ready to be carried away by Mariah Carey. She always wows in her performance and in what she wears. She is no stranger to being center stage and her performance to ring in the new year will be no different. Mariah Carey is known more for her powerhouse voice than her fashions. Still, most of her fashion choices have landed her on the right side of being safe in the fashion world. This is a toss-up as to her fashion prowess for ringing in the new year, but it will be fun to guess what she will surprise us all with. As per her singing performances we all can expect the tunes to be upbeat and move us out of our seats. Get ready to be dazzled.

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Bring in the new year with a star-studded countdown of entertainment and music. Times Square has been providing this entertainment for 113 years and will continue the tradition this year. Cheers to an upbeat new year!