5 Best Suits for 2018

There Is Something About A Man In A Suit!


There is just something about a man in a suit. When a man puts on a suit, he can take sexiness to a whole new level. Today, we are going to countdown the top 5 suits every man should have in his wardrobe.

1) The All-Season Navy Wool Suit

This suit is considered the “workhorse” of suits. You can wear this suit in almost every situation, including eating out and job interviews. You may need it to last through the summer months and the cool fall days. The one thing you do not want to do is button every button. That is tacky. Keep the bottom button open.

2) The Spring and Summer Khaki Suit

The khaki suit can be worn for every occasion, especially summertime. It shows people that you care about the way you look, but do not take yourself too seriously.

It is also showing people you are dressing up because you want too, and not because you have to. You can pair any kind of shirt with a suit like this. Khaki suits work with almost everything.

3) The Double-Breasted Suit

A double-breasted suit is an ultimate investment for any hard-working man in the office. They were in vogue 30 years ago, and they are still in vogue today. This suit is the ultimate power move. You are going to be oozing power by matching a blue striped suit with a red tie. Why do you think so many bosses wear thus combination at the office? The three double-breasted suits you should have in your closet are the black, blue-pin-striped, and the grey.

4) The Grey Flannel

You probably see these suits more often than you realize. This suit works with everything. You can wear a white shirt and tie underneath. You have the ultimate 9-5 look for work. You can wear a black turtleneck underneath on the weekends. You can wear a pair of nice jeans and the jacket. You can wear a pair of khaki pants with just the jacket. The suit is so versatile and fluid that you will look great no matter how you wear it.

5) The Black Tux

You see them in men’s fashion magazines. You see them on the runway for fashion week in New York. No man can go wrong wearing a tux. A tuxedo is an investment. Treat your investment well. You need something that is going to last a long time. The best two options: Black and Dark Blue. Buy both if you can afford to do so. That way you have them both in the closet when you need them.


Yes, the suit does make the man. Make sure your closet has at least these 5 suits hanging inside. You will go from being just an average man to a better looking and even hotter man by wearing one.

Now you’re ready to dress like a Combatant Gentlemen!